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Neurolateral EMDR Software Tactile Modes:

To produce tactile/kinesthetic stimulation with the Neurolateral system there are 2 options.

Option One:

Neuroport tactile box:

A further advantage of this choice, is that the audio output of your computer is free for the use of headphones, without requiring a splitter plug. Shown below is the larger COM port tactile box connected to a lap-top.

Neurolateral Lighted Pulsers:

Our new lighted pulsers are available in translucent clear, green and blue. They all have a pleasant green LED light at one end, which illuminates with each tactile impulse. This design feature was added to provide clients with the option of watching the lights in the pulsers for visual dual attention stimulation; providing an alternative to viewing the computer screen! Choose a gentle or firm impulse with a pressure button on our Neuroport Tactile Box.

Our pulsers are designed for our tactile boxes but, for your convenience, are also compatible with the competitor's tactile units.

Option Two:

With a set of regular headphones plugged into your computer, select one of the specially engineered "tactile sounds" which generate a high degree of vibration relative to sound volume. Have your client hold the headphones lightly in the hands to receive tactile stimulation.  Actually you hold the headphone speakers with your fingers to receive the maximum tactile stimulation.