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This is the EMDR Software program which easily installs on any personal computer! It provides visual, auditory and tactile dual attention stimulation, music, images, relaxation tracks and much more! DOWNLOAD ONLY 199.95
This specially designed small USB box coordinates the Neurolateral software program with Tactile Pulsers. You can alter many aspects of the tactile impulse through the software program, as well as changing the strength of the pulse on the tactile box itself. 139.99
Our new lighted pulsers are available in translucent clear, green and blue. They all have a pleasant green LED light at one end, which illuminates with each tactile impulse. Choose a gentle or firm impulse with a pressure button on our Neuroport Tactile Box. PLEASE NOTE: The pulsers are back in stock and ready to ship! Our pulsers are designed for our tactile boxes but, for your convenience are also compatible with the competitor's tactile units. Please note that the pulsers light up with RED lights (versus GREEN) when used with the TheraTapper tactile boxes. /CLEAR PULSERS. 49.99
BLUE Pulsers 49.99
GREEN Pulsers 49.99
Neurolateral also produces an compact disc which can be played on any CD player. Many clinicians use this as a convenient, compact and easily transportable alternative to provide auditory or tactile bilateral stimulation, if they find themselves without a computer! 20.00
Use these extendible pointers to assist you in administering visual dual attention stimulation. Great for reducing arm fatigue and establishing comfortable interpersonal distance! All pointers extend from 5 or 6” to 25”. 8.50