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Neurolateral EMDR Software Auditory Modes:

Neurolateral provides:

  • beeps for simple auditory bilateral stimulation
  • longer music & nature segments for continuous or sweeping play
  • the capability of using your own music (in .wav or .mp3 format)
  • the ability to play your own compact disc and sweep the sound bilaterally
  • specially recorded tracks by Drs. Mark Grant & Emmett Miller for relaxation, close-down or RDI


The beep selection allows you to choose one of 26 short, pleasing sounds for basic auditory bilateral stimulation. Examples include instrumental choices such as "bassoon", "recorder" and "oboe". You may also select from a non-instrumental group including "heart beat", "tick" and plain tones of different pitches. The most popular are accessed by clicking on one of the buttons on the screen.

Audio Tracks:

Audio tracks supplied with the program include both music and nature selections. You determine whether you would like to hear these played continuously or swept bilaterally. One of the flexible features of the program is that you may also use any music of your own in .wav or .mp3 format.

Nature sounds include "Stream", "Gulls & Surf" and "Brook and Birdsong". These peaceful nature segments combine beautifully with the nature group of images in Neurolateral for resource installation and relaxation.
Please note that the visual and/or tactile bilateral stimulation options selected will function independently along with the beeps or audio tracks.

Music tracks include a classic Mozart adagio, one of the compositions which was used in research on the Mozart Effect, several melodic guitar pieces, reflecting different emotional themes, and two tracks of the wonderful celtic harp meditative music by Paul Baker. Listen to the "Awakening" sample again.
It's easy to extract .mp3 files from your own music CDs. Check here for a free .mp3 extractor program. (FreeRIP MP3)

CD Audio:

Any music compact disc can be played within the Neurolateral program. Select the amount of bilateral sweeping you would like for your CD. Your CD music can also be combined with visual and/or tactile modes of bilateral stimulation you have chosen, and with the auditory modes described above. This is one method of producing asynchronous multimodal bilateral stimulation. (For example, one could superimpose subtle bilateral "ticks" over a favourite piece of music.)