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 Welcome to the home of...Neurolateral EMDR Software Hardware & Accessories !

We produce cutting edge EMDR technology including the best software-based system available world-wide!**

Click here to see a SCREEN SHOT.

Simply install the Neurolateral software program on any desk-top or lap-top computer (PC)!

Your client then views the screen for visual stimulation and/or wears headphones for auditory modes.

For tactile stimulation, connect our Neuroport Tactile USB Box and plug in pulsers! (or hold regular stereo headphones with our "tactile sounds")

You control the sets with a click of your mouse!
Enjoy administering EMDR and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury!

Sounds simple......

It is simple & easy to use, but....bilateral stimulation is just the beginning!
Neurolateral has many other features which set it apart from all of the other available EMDR products! Neurolateral is the only system (software OR hardware) to offer you such a comprehensive set of features to assist you with EMDR!

For Example...

  • Choose from many images or simple objects for visual modes
  • Use your own images
  • Choose from many short "beep"sounds or longer nature & music tracks
  • Play sample relaxation/close-down tracks from Dr. Mark Grant (Light Stream, Relaxation) or Dr. Emmett Miller (Containment)
  • Play your own music CD and sweep the sound bilaterally.
  • Use your own music .wav or .mp3 files for beeps, continuous play or bilateral sweeping
  • Set anti-habituation modes (for direction and speed of stimulus)